Government: Municipal Department


Office of the Vice-Mayor / Sangguniang Bayan

Services Requirements Step/Process Person Responsible Max. Time Fee
1. Issuance of Certified Copy of Existing Ordinance Letter  request addressed to the Municipal Vice Mayor stating among others:

  1. Organization/person  where/whom request originated
  2. purpose of the request
Step 1
Receives, logs in  & checks  the   request
Glena de Guzman Loc. Leg. Staff 2 mins. free of charge
Step 2:
Browse from the computer (if  legislative tracking system  is in placed)
Manual verification from records (if legislative tracking system is unavailable)/
Print out copy of the requested ordinance
(if computerized)/
Photocopy (if manually done)
Vilma Andan and/or Donna Cortez (Clerks) 2 mins. (if computerzed)

30 mins.
(if manual)

1 min.

30 mins.

Step 3:
Certifies the print out and or photocopy  and affixes the signature
Hon. Elpidio Castillo or in his behalf  SB Sec.
Isidoro Santos
5 mins.
Step 4:
Logs out and release the request
Glena de Guzman Loc. Leg. Staff 1 min.
2. Issuance of Certification of No Pending Administrative Case Against Erring Elected Barangay Officials Duly filled-up/ accomplished request slip Step 1: 
Interview the requesting party/ Logs in the verbal request/ Verifies records/ prepares the request
Glena de Guzman Loc. Leg. Staff 15 mins. free of charge
Step 2:
Affix the signature of the Mun. Vice Mayor 
Hon. Elpidio Castillo  2 mins.*
Step 3: Release the request Glena de Guzman
Loc. Legislative Staff
1 min.
3. Issuance of Motorized Tricycle Operator's Permit Franchise
  1. Original copy of :
  2. Community Tax Certificate (current year)
  3. Official Receipt from MTO (as proof of payment)
Step 1:
Check documents/ prepare the  franchise permit
Glena de Guzman Loc. Leg. Staff 10 mins.

1 min.
Step 2:
Signature of SB Secretary
Isidoro C. Santos SB Secretary
Step 3: Endorse to LCE for final approval By client
Note: * • Approval of the Municipal Vice Mayor may take longer than indicated depending upon his availability.

For inquiries and other information please contact:

Contact Person:Sec. Isidoro Santos / Ma. Glena de Guzman
Tel. Nos.: (044) 2156212 / (044) 6761126


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