Government: Municipal Planning & Development Office


Municipal Planning & Development Office

Services Requirements Step/Process Person Responsible Max. Time Fee
1.  Issuance of:
a. Locational Clearance / Decision of Zoning
  1. Transfer
    Certificate of Title
  2. Tax Declaration
  3. Tax receipt (current year)
  4. Building plan (1set)
  5. Bill of materials
  6. Lot plan g. Barangay Permit
  7. Duly Notarized Application form
Step 1:
Receives and checks submitted documentary requirements
Gerardo Garcia and/or
Efren Miranda
5 mins. as per schedule
Step 2:
Site Inspection & Assessment of fees
Efren Miranda 5 hours**
Step 3
Payment of corresponding fee
5 mins.
Step 4:
Pepraration of decision
Efren Miranda 2 mins.
Step 5:
Recommending Approval of the Zoning Officer Signature of the Local Chief Executive
Hon. Vicente Esguerra, Sr
2 mins.
Step 6:
Release of the request
Gerardo Garcia 2 mins.
b. Development Permit
  1. Site Development Plan
  2. SB Resolution approving the reclassification (to be submitted  together with the  aboved requirements)
    1 min.
2. Issuance of Certification of No Pending Administrative Case Against Erring Elected Barangay Officials Duly filled-up/ accomplished request slip Step 1: 
Interview the requesting party/ Logs in the verbal request/ Verifies records/ prepares the request
Glena de Guzman Loc. Leg. Staff 15 mins. free of charge
Step 2:
Affix the signature of the Mun. Vice Mayor 
Hon. Elpidio Castillo  2 mins.*
Step 3: Release the request Glena de Guzman
Loc. Legislative Staff
1 min.
3. Issuance of Motorized Tricycle Operator's Permit Franchise
  1. Original copy of :
  2. Community Tax Certificate (current year)
  3. Official Receipt from MTO (as proof of payment)
Step 1:
Check documents/ prepare the  franchise permit
Glena de Guzman Loc. Leg. Staff 10 mins.

1 min.
P 150
Step 2:
Signature of SB Secretary
Isidoro C. Santos SB Secretary
Step 3: Endorse to LCE for final approval By client
Note: * Depends on the availability of the residents and of the Local Chief Executive for the signature.

For inquiries and other information please contact:

Contact Person: Sec. Isidoro Santos / Ma. Glena de Guzman
Tel. Nos.: (044) 676-0276


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