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Municipal Health Office

Services Requirements Step/Process Person Responsible Max. Time Fee
1. Provision of Cosultation
  • old patient
  • new  patient
  Step 1:
If old patient - retrieve records on file
If new patient
-  create records & assign number  (profile of patient)
Midwife on duty
Susan San Pedro
Melinda de Guzman-(RHU I)

Nemily de Guzman
Agnes Doon-(RHU II)
5 mins. free of charge
Step 2:
Taking of chief complaints, including blood pressure, body temperature, etc.
Nurse on duty/ Midwife  on duty 5 mins.
Step 3:
Conduct diagnosis and treatment / Give instruction or advise/ prescribed medication (if necessary)
Municipal Health Officer 30 mins.
(depends on the complaint)
2. Availment of Monthly Immunization 1. ECCD Card
(for old patient)

2. NONE (if new patient)
Step 1
Recording/Undertake usual procedure (like taking body temperature, weighing, etc)
Nurse / midwife  on duty 15 mins. free of charge
Step 2:
Immunization procedure/ give medical advise / instruction
.3. Provision of Consultation & Treatment for Pregnant and Post Partum women
  • old patient
  • new patient
Pink Card
(issued during first consultation)

Pregnancy test
(if necessary)
Step 1:
If old patient  - ask  for the  pink card & take  vital signs
If new patient – ask referral coming from the midwife & issue pink card
History taking, chief complaints
Nurse/Midwife on duty 5 mins. free of charge
Oscultation/Doppler; Give Additional instruction or medical advise
5 mins.
4. Issuance of Certification for:  
  • Medico-Legal Cases
  • Death (burial &transfer of cadaver
1. Request from PNP

2. Death Certificate (from LCR)
Step 1:
Recording and preparation of pro-forma form
Nurse/Midwife on duty 5 mins. free of charge
Step 2:
Signature of the Office Head
Municipal Health  Officer 1 min.
Step 3:
Logs out & Release the request
Nurse/midwife on duty 1 min.
5. Availment of Dental Health Services
(Tooth Extraction)
Referral from  Barangay Officials Step 1:
Taking of blood pressure
If normal  - proceed with the process (Step 2)
If high blood or low blood – give medicine & advise to rest
Nurse/midwife on duty 3 mins free of charge
Step 2:
Apply local anesthesia
Dr. Noel Garcia and/or
Dr. Martin Santos, Jr.
(Municipal Dentists)
15 mins.
Step 3:
Tooth extraction process/ give medical advise or instruction/ medication (if necessary)
Dr. Noel Garcia and/or
Dr. Martin Santos, Jr.
(Municipal Dentists)
1 hour
6. Availment of Labratory Services :
  • urine & fecal Analysis
  • sputum  microscopy
Request from a Medical Doctor Specimen  collection, processing, examination, preparation and release of results Cecilia T. Cruz Medical Technologist 1 hour
1 day
free of charge
7. Issuance of Health Certificate & Health IDs
  • For food Handler
  • For Non-food handler
  • Pink ID's
1.  OR  from MTO
(P50.00/health permit
(P50.00/work permit) 2.  Laboratory Test Result
A. Food/Non-Food Handler
  • urine
  • stool
  • Hepa B
  • Drug Test
  • Chest X-Ray
B. Pink Card Holder
  • Birth Certificate
    (18 y/o & above)
  • Lab test (as prev
    VDRL & Papsmear

Step 1:
Checking of the documents submitted & preparation of the Health Certificate & Health ID (including picture taking)
Mylene del Rosario 7 mins. free of charge
Step 2:
Signature of the ID by the applicant/ Sanitary Inspector and Municipal Health Officer
Loida Caleon /
Dr.Concepcion     Antonino
2 mins.
Step 3: Recording & numbering of  ID / Release of the Certificate and ID to the applicant Mylene del Rosario 1 min.

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Tel. Nos. : (044)2156-212


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