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Transition Investment Support Plan for ARMM November 19, 2012   Posted By: admin



Part of President Benigno S. Aquino III's social contract with the people is a call for broad-based growth and broadly-supported peace that will redress decades of neglect of the people in ARMM. In this connection, the ARMM Roadmap for Reform was crafted with the following key action and reform points:

  • Improvement of basic service delivery;
  • Creating an enabling environment for public-private partnership towards equitable growth;
  • Stepping up peace and order initiatives for sustained growth and development
  • Performing and strengthening bureaucratic reforms
  • Cleaning up of the electoral process and ensuring peace in the region;
  • Ensuring good governance benchmarks in ARMM;
  • Fully engaging CSOs and POs in governance; and
  • Maximizing the potential of ARMM

Essentially, the Roadmap recognizes the following: that reform can never happen overnight; that they have to be carried out by the National Government, in synergy with the Regional Government and the Community of Interest; and that good governance has to take a stronghold in the Regional Government and its local governments for reforms to succeed. The Roadmap is supported by various government programs, among them the peace process, PAMANA, construction of the Department of Education's school buildings, agrarian reform programs and electoral reforms.

A major component of this roadmap is the Transition Investment Support Plan (TISP). In 2011, with the postponement of the elections in ARMM, the National Government saw this interim period of 21 months as a window of opportunity to fast-track key development initiatives and governance reforms in the Region. Thus, the TISP was crafted.


The Transition Investment Support Plan aims to:

  • Increase the reach, access and quality of essential public services;
  • Create the enabling mechanisms to promote and sustain public-private partnerships in economic development and good governance; and
  • Institutionalize vital governance reforms in the ARMM Regional and Local Government Bureaucracies.

Components of the Plan

The TISP is comprised of various programs and projects of eleven (11) implementing agencies amounting to P8.59B. It forms part of the 2011 Disbursement Acceleration Program approved by the President in October 2011, which is sourced from 2010-2011 savings. This budget is over and above the Region's regular budget. Profile of apportionment is as follows:

DA 1,060,000,000
DENR 49,586,000
DILG 1,275,790,202
DOE-NEA 200,000,000
DOH 956,000,000
DOST 24,650,000
DOTC 80,000,000
DPWH 2,851,155,000
DSWD 1,971,145,000
DTI 60,000,000
TESDA 61,638,000
Unallocated 2,035,798
TOTAL 8,592,000,000

Modality of Implementation

Each agency has determined the most efficient way by which it could implement its programs and projects. In general, there are four (4) modes of implementation. These are through the:

  • National Government Agency (NGA) - Programs and projects are directly implemented by the NGA, either through the central office or the regional office (Region XII for Maguindanao and Lanao del Sur and Region IX for Basilan, Sulu, TawiTawi) ;
  • Regional Government (RG) - The NGA enters into an agreement with the Regional Government (through the Regional Governor);
  • Regional Agency - the NGA enters into a bi-lateral agreement with its regional counterpart (funds are downloaded directly to the Regional Agency, without passing through the RG);
  • Local Government Unit (LGU) - The NGA enters into an agreement with the concerned LGU (either provincial, municipal or city level); or
  • Others - The NGA enters into an agreement with another entity, e.g. local electric cooperative or Philippine Fisheries Development Authority

Programs and Projects

Department of Agriculture

  • Farm-to-Market Roads
  • Municipal Fishing Port
  • Halal Production Project
  • Cassava Grater

Department of Environment and Natural Resources

  • National Greening Program

Department of Social Welfare and Development

  • Core Shelters Assistance Program for Internally Displaced Families
  • Supplemental Feeding Program
  • Day Care Center
  • Emergency Shelter Assistance
  • Cash for Work
  • Livelihood Assistance

Department of Energy

  • Rural Electrification Program for Sitios

Technical and Skills Development Authority

  • Training for Work Scholarship Program
  • Private Education Student Financial Assistance (PESFA)
  • Skills Job Program for Youth and Ulamas

Department of Trade and Industry

  • Business Permits and Licensing System Streamlining Program
  • Halal Food Industry Advocacy and Promotions
  • Operationalization of Halal Laboratory
  • Regular OTOP
  • Computerization of Business Name Registration System
  • OTOP Flagship- Industry Clusters Development
  • Strengthening the development of SMEs

Department of Science and Technology

  • Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program

Department of Transportation and Communication

  • Rehabilitation of Jolo Seaport
  • Rehabilitation of Sanga-Sanga Airport

Department of Public Works and Highways

  • Preventive maintenance of national arterial or secondary roads
  • Rehabilitation/ reconstruction of Damaged Paved National Roads
  • Upgrading of National Arterial or Secondary Roads
  • Replacement of National Bridges

Department of Health

  • Health Infrastructures Projects
  • Basic Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care (BEmONC) Equipment
  • Provision of medical equipment
  • Provision of land ambulance
  • Provision of sea ambulance

Department of the Interior and Local Government

  • Potable Water Supply Project
  • Construction of municipal hall, public markets, slaughterhouses and Yakan training center
  • Rehabilitation of Jails
  • Establishment of Police Stations
  • Provision of Police Vehicles
  • Construction of Fire Stations
  • Provision of Fire Trucks
  • Governance Reforms
    • Seal of Good Housekeeping in the ARMM
    • Integrity Development Initiative
    • Strengthening and Reforming Governance Capacities
    • Voters' Education

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